IMI Research Seminars

Past IMI Research Seminars 
Past IMI Research Seminars

A Comprehensive Framework for Multi-party VR

23 January 2018 Dr Nisha JAIN (Research Fellow, IMI) Slides

Compressed Light Field 3D Display Based on Multiple LCDs

23 January 2018 Dr XIA Xinxing (Research Fellow, IMI) Slides

Perception-Link Behavior Model – Supporting A Novel Operator Interface For A Customizable Anthropomorphic Telepresence Robot

23 January 2018 Dr William GU (Research Fellow, IMI) Slides

3D Morphable Model for Real-Time face Reconstruction

23 January 2018 SONG Guoxian (Project Officer, IMI) Slides

The Future of Computational Reality

03 November 2017 Prof Eugene FIUME, Professor and Dean of Applied Sciences, SFU, Canada Slides

Towards More Intelligent Machines: Understanding Human Gestures and Actions Using RGB-D Sensors

03 November 2017 Prof Junsong YUAN (Associate Professor of EEE, NTU) Slides

AdobeBoxes: Locating Object Proposals using Object Adobes

03 November 2017 Dr Zhiwen FANG (Research Fellow, IMI) Slides

Non-Verbal Speech Cues as Objective Measures for Negative Symptoms Schizophrenia

10 October 2017 Dr Yasir TAHIR (Senior Research Engineer, IMI) Slides

Combining Pose-Invariant Kinematic Features and Object Context Features for RGB-D Action Recognition

10 October 2017 Dr Manoj RAMANATHAN (Research Fellow, IMI) Slides

The Designing and Making of a Humanoid Robotic Hand

10 October 2017 TIAN Li (Research Associate, IMI) Slides

Subdivision-based Overall Illumination for MVS Surface Reconstruction

10 October 2017 DENG Teng (Project Officer, IMI) Slides

Hardware Implementation of Several Ideas for Multimodal Human-Robot Dialogue and Stereoscopic Tele-presence

22 March 2017 Dr Viatcheslav V IASTREBOV (Research Fellow, IMI) Slides

Multiple Consumer-grade Depth Camera Registration Using Everyday Objects

22 March 2017 DENG Teng (Project Officer, IMI) Slides

3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Efficient and Robust Hand Pose Estimation from Single Depth Images

22 March 2017 GE Liuhao (PhD Student, IMI & IGS) Slides

RGB+D Systematic Error Analysis and Correction for Biometric Applications and Object Detection using Deep Learning

14 February 2017 Jaroslaw KOCHANOWICZ (Senior Research Engineer, IMI) Slides

Episodic Memory Model with Dense Vector Encoding and Continuous Similarity Measure

14 February 2017 ZHANG Juzheng (Project Officer, IMI) Slides

A Novel Interface for Human-Robot Interaction in Industrial Working Environment: Framework and Applications

14 February 2017 DINH Quang Huy (PhD Student, IMI & IGS) Slides

Human Pose Estimation and Tracking from Silhouette Images

14 February 2017 LEONG Mei Chee (PhD Student, IMI & IGS) Slides

Perception-link Behavior Model (PLBM): Associator

22 November 2016 GU Yuanlong William (PhD Student, MAE & IMI) Slides

ROS-based Solution for Automating Interior Finishing: Designing of an Autonomous Painting Robot

22 November 2016 LI Bingbing (PhD Student, EEE & IMI) Slides

Object Localization and Grasping Part Detection

22 November 2016 YAO Fupin, Visiting Student, Huazhong University, China Slides

Mutually Reinforcing Motion-Pose Framework for Pose Invariant Action Recognition

22 November 2016 Manoj RAMANATHAN (Research Engineer, IMI) Slides

Clothoid Based Spline-RRT with Bezier Approximation

25 October 2016 CHEN Yong (PhD Student, MAE & IMI) Slides

Distributed Formation Control for MultiRobot Systems

25 October 2016 Shakeel AHMAD (PhD Student, EEE & IMI) Slides

Overlap Detection in Speaker Diarization: Key to Social Behavior Understanding

25 October 2016 Debsubhra CHAKRABORTY (PhD Student, IMI & IGS) Slides

Natural Grasp of Social Robot Nadine with the 3D Printed Hand

25 October 2016 TIAN Li (Research Associate, IMI) Slides

Workload, Situation Awareness and Automation in Multiple-Robot Supervision

21 June 2016 Dr WONG Choon Yue (Research Fellow, IMI-BTC) Slides

Calibration and Registration of Consumer-grade RGB-D Cameras

21 June 2016 DENG Teng (Project Officer, IMI-BTC) Slides

Secured Multimodal Interface with Augmented Reality for Industrial Application: Framework and Implementation

21 June 2016 DINH Quang Huy (PhD Student, IMI & MAE) Slides

Customization of the Appearance for Humanoid Robot

21 June 2016 XU Hanxiang, Visiting Student, Xiamen University, China Slides

Extending Motion Skills for Humanoid Robot

21 June 2016 WANG Qian, Visiting Student, Xiamen University, China Slides

Navigation – Children Robot

21 June 2016 BAO Binbin, Visiting Student, Xiamen University, China Slides

Knowledge-based Question and Answering in Human-Robot Interaction

21 June 2016 WANG Longbao, Visiting Student, Xiamen University, China Slides

Incorporating Tabletop Visual Analytics into the Decision-making Process: A Case Study of Retail Banking

13 April 2016 Prof Selim BALCISOY, Visiting Professor, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey Slides

Social Context Cognition Crowd-Sourcing and SemiAutomatic Parametrization

13 April 2016 Jaroslaw Slawomir KOCHANOWICZ (SCE & IMI) Slides

Robust 3D Hand Pose Estimation in One Depth Image: from Single-View CNN to Multi-View CNNs

13 April 2016 GE Liuhao (IGS & IMI) Slides

Part-based Detection and Pose Estimation

13 April 2016 LEONG Mei Chee (IGS & IMI) Slides

Glass-free 3D Multiscopic Display Based on Dynamic Backlight

12 January 2016 Dr XIA Xinxing (Visiting Researcher, UNC) Slides

Hough Forest and its Application for Hand Motion Analysis

12 January 2016 LIANG Hui (EEE & IMI) Slides

Episodic Memory for Long-term Companion Free Dialogue in Natural Language

12 January 2016 ZHANG Juzheng (SCE & IMI) Slides

Feature Fusion for RGB-D Scene Classification

12 January 2016 WANG Anran (SCE & IMI) Slides

An Immersive Bidirectional System for Life-size 3D Communication

08 December 2015 Dr Tobias MARTIN (ETH) Slides

Biologically-inspired Control Framework for Insect Locomotion

08 December 2015 Dr GUO Shihui (Research Fellow, IMI) Slides

Blind Image Quality Assessment Using Statistical Structural and Luminance Features

08 December 2015 LI Qiaohong (SCE & IMI) Slides

Efficient G3 Approximation of Clothoids with Quintic Bézier Curves for Path Planning

08 December 2015 CHEN Yong (MAE & IMI) Slides

Extracting and Manipulating Lighting through Intrinsic Image Decomposition

17 November 2015 Dr Pierre-Yves LAFFONT, Visiting Researcher, ETH Zurich, Switzerland Slides

3D Dynamic Meshes Compression via Sparse Low-Rank Matrix Approximation

17 November 2015 HOU Junhui (EEE & IMI) Slides

Non-Verbal Speech Analysis of Interviews with Schizophrenic Patients

17 November 2015 Yasir TAHIR (EEE & IMI) Slides

Collocations and Anaphora Resolution in Machine Translation

22 October 2015 Prof Eric WEHRLI, Visiting Professor, University of Geneva, Switzerland Slides

Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks via POMDPs

22 October 2015 Athirai Aravazhi IRRISSAPPANE (SCE & IMI) Slides

HRI in Hospitals - Opportunities and Challenges

22 October 2015 LI Bingbing (MAE & IMI) Slides

Medical Image Analysis in Ultrasound Images of the Thyroid Gland

22 October 2015 Subbarao Nikhil NARAYAN (EEE & IMI) Slides

SHARED: SHape Analysis and REgistration of people using Dynamic data

25 August 2015 Prof Hyewon SEO, Visiting Professor, University of Strasbourg, France Slides

Perception-linked Behavior Model: Gesture Decoder

25 August 2015 GU Yuanlong William (MAE & IMI) Slides

Distributed Neighbour Selection Problem in Multi-Robot Distributed Formation Control

25 August 2015 Shakeel AHMAD (EEE &IMI) Slides

Multi-modal Feature Learning for RGB-D Object Recognition

25 August 2015 WANG Anran (SCE & IMI) Slides

Learning LBP Structure by Maximizing the Conditional Mutual Information

21 May 2015 REN Jianfeng (Research Associate, IMI) Slides

Deceptive 3D Background Replacement in Telepresence

21 May 2015 ZHAO Mengyao (SCE & IMI) Slides

Computational Episodic Memory for Virtual Agents

21 May 2015 ZHANG Juzheng (SCE & IMI) Slides

Real-Time Socio-feedback: A VoIP Application and a Correlation Study

21 May 2015 CHAKRABORTY Debsubhra (IGS & IMI) Slides

Horizontal Light Field 3D Displays with Directional-Diffusing Screen

21 April 2015 Dr XIA Xinxing (Visiting Researcher, IMI) Slides

"Pursuant to Section 49, Subsection 7E…": The Yam Ah Mee Internet Meme as a Representation of Cultural Expression in Singapore

21 April 2015 EE Changshun Andrew (WKWSCI & IMI) Slides

Bag-of-Words Representation for Non-Intrusive Speech Quality Assessment

21 April 2015 LI Qiaohong (SCE & IMI) Slides

How Does Intensity of Social Network Sites Use Moderate Cybervictimization? Understanding the Factors and Conditions Using an R-based Tool for Probing Moderation Effects

21 April 2015 TAN Jiat Chow (WKWSCI/HSS & IMI) Slides

Motion Control for Social Behaviours

10 March 2015 Dr Aryel BECK (Research Fellow, IMI) Slides

Psychological and Sociological Inspirations in Development of Believable Social Agents

10 March 2015 Jaroslaw Slawomir KOCHANOWICZ (SCE & IMI) Slides

Multimodal Interface with Augmented Reality for Industrial Applications

10 March 2015 DINH Quang Huy (MAE & IMI) Slides

Strength of Ties in a Mobile Community under Conditions of Anonymity

10 March 2015 ENG Weiwen Herbert (IMI) Slides

Real-Time Motion Generation for Humanoid Robot

20 January 2015 Dr ZHANG Zhijun (Research Fellow, IMI) Slides

Variable Wheelbase Vehicle Path Planning Vehicles Using State Lattice

20 January 2015 CHEN Yong (MAE & IMI) Slides

Multi-Organ Segmentation Strategies for 2D Ultrasound Images of the Thyroid Gland

20 January 2015 Subbarao Nikhil NARAYAN (EEE & IMI) Slides

Human Motion Capture Data Tailored Transform Coding

20 January 2015 HOU Junhui (EEE & IMI) Slides

Wide Field of View Compressive Light Field Display Using a Multilayer Architecture and Tracked Viewers

10 December 2014 Dr CHEN Renjiec(Visiting Researcher, IMI) Slides

Real-Time Sociofeedback Using Non-Verbal Audio-Visual Cues

10 December 2014 Yasir TAHIR (EEE & IMI) Slides

Human Motion Imitation Using Third Perspective View Optimization

10 December 2014 LI Bingbing (MAE & IMI) Slides

Multi-modal Feature Learning for RGB-D Object Recognition

10 December 2014 WANG Anran (SCE & IMI) Slides

Multi-modal and Multi-party Interactions with Virtual Humans and Social Robots

18 November 2014 Dr Zerrin YUMAK (Research Fellow, IMI) Slides

Sense of Presence when Surrounded by Virtual Humans

18 November 2014 Dr Samuel LEMERCIER (Research Fellow, IMI ) Slides

A POMDP Based Approach to Optimally Select Sellers in Electronic Marketplaces

18 November 2014 Athirai Aravazhi IRISSAPPANE (SCE & IMI) Slides

Perception-linked Behavior Model: Shadowing Framework

18 November 2014 GU Yuanlong William (MAE & IMI) Slides

Look What Look, See What See? Insights Into How Humans Retrieve Visual Information

14 October 2014 Dr Lewis CHUANG (Project Leader, MPI, Tuebingen, Germany) Slides

Human Computer Interface for Quadriplegic People Based on Face Position/Gesture Detection

14 October 2014 BIAN Zhenpeng (EEE & IMI) Slides

Personality-Characterized Mood Dynamics Model for Autonomous Agents in Continuous Interactions

14 October 2014 ZHANG Juzheng (SCE & IMI) Slides

Distributed Neighbour Selection Problem in Multi-Robot Distributed Formation Control Image

14 October 2014 Shakeel AHMAD (EEE & IMI) Slides

Visualization Understanding of and Interaction with Medical and Scientific Data

26 August 2014 Prof Franz-Erich WOLTER (Visiting Professor, Leibniz University of Hanover, Germany) Slides

Collision Models for Dense Crowds

26 August 2014 Prof Arjan EGGES (Visiting Professor, Utrecht University, The Netherlands) Slides

Improved Hand Pose Estimation via Multimodal Prediction Fusion

26 August 2014 LIANG Hui (EEE & IMI) Slides

High-quality RGBD Background Composition

26 August 2014 ZHAO Mengyao (SCE) Slides

Exploring and Editing Scene Appearance

22 July 2014 Dr LAFFONT Pierre-Yves (Visiting Researcher, ETH Zurich) Slides

ETAF: An Extended Trust Antecedents Framework for Trust Prediction

22 July 2014 GUO Guibing (SCE & IMI) Slides

Re-examining The Generalized Problematic Internet Use Model: A Test Case For The Application Of Bayesian SEM To Communication Research

22 July 2014 TAN Jiat Chow (WKWSCI & HSS) Slides

Non-intrusive Speech Quality Assessment Algorithm Based on Spectro-temporal Analysis

22 July 2014 LI Qiaohong (SCE & IMI) Slides

Modeling Fiber Anisotropy in Multiscale Musculoskeletal Soft Tissues

17 June 2014 Dr Hon Fai CHOI (Visiting Researcher, MIRALab) Slides

Multimodal and Multiscale Modeling of the Human Knee Articulation

17 June 2014 Andra CHINCISAN (Visiting Researcher, MIRALab) Slides

Anatomical Modelling for the Multiscale Human

17 June 2014 Matthias BECKER (Visiting Researcher, MIRALab) Slides

Shared Object Manipulation for Obstetric Management Training System in an Immersive Virtual Environment

17 June 2014 Dr Jun LEE (Research Fellow, IMI) Slides

A Social Cognitive Theory-Based Approach to Understanding the Formation of Leadership Capabilities in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

20 May 2014 EE Changshun Andrew (IMI & WKWSCI) Slides

Multi-modal Unsupervised Feature Learning for RGB-D Scene Labeling

20 May 2014 WANG Anran (SCE) Slides

Secured and Multi-Modal Interface with Augmented Reality for Industrial Application

20 May 2014 DINH Quang Huy (IMI & MAE) Slides

Veracity in Pseudonymous and Anonymous Online Environments: Does the Truth Prevail?

20 May 2014 ENG Weiwen Herbert (HSS & SPMS) Slides

Noise-Resistant Local Binary Pattern With an Embedded Error-Correction Mechanism

29 April 2014 REN Jianfeng (Research Associate, IMI) Slides

Perception of Audio Environment by Virtual Human Nadine

29 April 2014 Neetha DAS (Project Officer, IMI) Slides

Multiple Foreground Cosegmentation and Recognition

29 April 2014 ZHU Hongyuan (IMI & SCE) Slides

Trajectory Planning & Simulation for Long Vehicle Driving

29 April 2014 CHEN Yong (IMI & MAE) Slides

Multi Organ Segmentation in 2D Ultrasound Images of Thyroid Gland Using Speckle Related Pixels

25 March 2014 Subbarao Nikhil NARAYAN (IMI & EEE) Slides

mCENTRIST: A Multi-channel Feature Generation Mechanism for Scene Categorizatio

25 March 2014 Dr XIAO Yang (Research Fellow, IMI) Slides

Psychological and Sociological Inspirations in Development of Believable Social Agents

25 March 2014 Jaroslaw Slawomir KOCHANOWICZ (IMI & SCE) Slides

Dimensionless Analysis of Human Motions and Similarity Evaluation

25 March 2014 Li Bingbing (IMI & MAE) Slides

Content-based Cross-media Retrieval via Hierarchical Correlation Mining and Multi-feature Subspace Mapping

11 February 2014 Dr ZHANG Hong (Visiting Scholar, IMI) Slides

A Framework to Choose Trust Models for Different E-Marketplace Environments

11 February 2014 Athirai Aravazhi IRRISSAPANE (IMI & SCE) Slides

A Proposed Model for Recognizing and Synthesizing Individualistic Gestures – Perception-link Behavior Model

11 February 2014 GU Yuanlong William (IMI & MAE) Slides

Nao Robot as a Social Mediator

11 February 2014 Yasir TAHIR (IMI & EEE) Slides

Planar Shape Interpolation with Bounded Distortion

28 January 2014 Dr CHEN Renjie (Visiting Researcher, IMI) Slides

Who, Where, When and What: Discover Spatio-Temporal Topics for Twitter Users

28 January 2014 YUAN Quan (IMI & SCE) Slides

Partial Forgetting in Episodic Memory for Autonomous Virtual Human

28 January 2014 ZHANG Juzheng (IMI & SCE) Slides

Fall Detection Based on 3D Joint Trajectory

28 January 2014 BIAN Zhenpeng (IMI & EEE) Slides

Non Verbal Communication of Emotions in Social Robots

14 January 2014 Dr Aryel BECK (Research Fellow, IMI) Slides

Inversion Free and Topology Compatible Tetrahedral Mesh Warping Driven by Boundary Surface Deformation

14 January 2014 ZHANG Wenjing (IMI & SCE) Slides

Real-time Foreground Extraction with RGBD Camera for 3D Telepresence

14 January 2014 ZHAO Mengyao (IMI & SCE) Slides

Spatio-Temporal Geometry Fusion for Multiple Hybrid Cameras Using Moving Least Squares Surfaces

26 November 2013 Claudia KUSTER (Visiting PhD student, ETH) Slides

Tangent Adjustment for the Initial Value Problem of Discrete Geodesics

26 November 2013 CHENG Peng, (SCE & IMI) Slides

Customize Garment Pattern for Made-To-Measure

26 November 2013 ZHANG Yuzhe, (SCE & IMI) Slides

Multi-Robot Formation Control Using Distributed Null Space Behavioural Approach

26 November 2013 Shakeel AHMAD, (EEE & IMI) Slides

Saliency Detection in Computer Rendered Images Based on Object-level Contrast

29 October 2013 DONG Lu, (SCE & EEE) Slides

Leveraging Multiviews of Trust and Similarity to Enhance Clustering-based Recommender Systems

29 October 2013 GUO Guibing (SCE & IMI ) Slides

Towards an Integrated Model of Problematic Consumption: The Role of Online Shopping, Self-regulation, and Susceptibility to Advertising

29 October 2013 TAN Jiat Chow (WKWSCI & HSS) Slides

Learning Based Multimedia Quality Assessment

29 October 2013 LI Qiaohong (SCE & IMI) Slides

Three-Dimensional Time Varying Meshes Compression Via Key Frame Representation Based Geometry Video (KFRGV)

26 September 2013 HOU Junhui (EEE & IMI) Slides

A Trust Model Stemmed from the Diffusion Theory for Opinion Evaluation

26 September 2013 FANG Hui (SCE & IMI) Slides

Hand Parsing and Gesture Recognition with the Depth Camera

26 September 2013 LIANG Hui (EEE & IMI) Slides

Touchscreen Everywhere: On Transferring a Normal Planar Surface to a Touch-sensitive Display

11 April 2013 Dr Jingwen Dai (UNC) Slides

Automatic Volume Estimation of the Thyroid Gland using 2D Ultrasound Imaging

11 April 2013 Subbarao Nikhil Narayan (EEE & IMI) Slides

Design and Experimentation of Acceleration-level Drift-Free (ALDF) Scheme Solved by Two Recurrent Neural Networks

11 April 2013 Dr Zhang Zhijun (IMI) Slides

Interactive Free-form Shape Modeling in Cyberworlds

12 March 2013 LAI Danbo (SCE & NIE & IMI) Slides

Human Behavior Capturing and Retargeting in Tele-presence

12 March 2013 LI Bingbing (MAE & IMI) Slides

Psycho-sociological Models for Virtual Agents and Groups

12 March 2013 Jaroslaw Slawomir KOCHANOWICZ (SCE & IMI) Slides

The Role of Social Presence on the Development of Leadership Capabilities in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

25 February 2013 EE Changshun Andrew (WKWSCI & IMI) Slides

Real-Time Feedback System for Monitoring and Facilitating Discussions

25 February 2013 Yasir TAHIR (IMI & EEE) Slides

Simulation and Automatic Navigation of an Intravascular Interventional System

25 February 2013 CHEN Yong (MAE & IMI) Slides

Stylistic Human Motion Generation and Editing

15 January 2013 Dr Liu Gengdai (IMI) Slides

Exploiting Uncertainty Masking in Adaptive Rendering

15 January 2013 Dong Lu (SCE & IMI) Slides

Towards a Comprehensive Testbed to Evaluate the Robustness of Reputation Systems against Unfair Rating Attacks

15 January 2013 Athirai Aravazhi Irissappane (SCE & IMI) Slides

Enhance Presence in Telepresence Robot with Nonverbal Communication

15 January 2013 Gu Yuanlong William (MAE & IMI) Slides

Real-time Collision Detection of Massive Bodies on GPUS

7 December 2012 Dr LIU Fuchang (IMI) Slides

Virtual Ratings: A New Information Source for Feedback-based Systems in E-commerce

7 December 2012 GUO Guibing (SCE & IMI) Slides

Fall Detection Based on Skeleton Extraction

7 December 2012 BIAN Zhenpeng(EEE & IMI) Slides

Vignetting Effect in Photographs

7 December 2012 ZHANG Xiaoyan (EEE & ADM & IMI) Slides

Interaction with Virtual Human: Analysis and Prediction of Body Gestures using A Depth Sensor

6 November 2012 Dr Flavien PICON (IMI) Slides

Object Cutout using Google Images

6 November 2012 ZHU Hongyuan (SCE & IMI) Slides

Time-Aware Point-of-interest Recommendation

6 November 2012 YUAN Quan (SCE & IMI) Slides

Multi-resolution Approach for Phonetic Segmentation

6 November 2012 ZHAO Sixuan (EEE & HSS & IMI) Slides

Design Models for Remote Collaboration in Distributed Virtual Environment: From Architecture To Metaphors

9 October 2012 Dr Cédric FLEURY (UNC) Slides

High-quality Kinect Data Filtering

9 October 2012 ZHAO Mengyao (SCE & IMI) Slides

3D Chinese Ink Painting: Texture Antialiasing with Diffusion Equations

9 October 2012 CHENG Peng (SCE & IMI) Slides

Towards Automatic Garment 3D Positioning

9 October 2012 ZHANG Yuzhe (SCE & IMI) Slides

Parametric 3D Representations for Simulation and Visualization

28 August 2012 Dr Tobias MARTIN (ETH) Slides

Example based Dynamic Deformation

28 August 2012 ZHANG Wenjing (SCE & IMI) Slides

Design Mood Dynamics for Virtual Human

28 August 2012 ZHANG Juzheng (SCE & IMI) Slides

EEG Features in Mental Tasks Classification

14 August 2012 WANG Qiang (EEE & IMI) Slides

A Generalized Stereotypical Trust Model

14 August 2012 FANG Hui (SCE & IMI) Slides

Model-based Hand Tracking for Real-time Virtual Object Manipulation

14 August 2012 LIANG Hui (EEE & IMI) Slides

The Analysis and Synthesis of Motion

24 April 2012 Dr. Brian Foster ALLEN (IMI)

User Profile Enhanced Geolocation Suggestion for Social Images

24 April 2012 YUAN Quan (SCE & IMI) Slides

Conjunctive Patches Subspace Learning with Side Information for Collaborative Image Retrieval

24 April 2012 ZHANG Lining (EEE & IMI) Slides

Psychological and Sociological Inspirations in Development of Believable Social Agents

24 April 2012 Jaroslaw Slawomir Kochanowicz (IMI & SCE)

Example-based Portrait Photograph Rendering

6 March 2012 ZHANG Xiaoyan (EEE & IMI) Slides

Accent Reduction for Computer-Aided Language Learning

6 March 2012 ZHAO Sixuan (EEE & IMI) Slides

Hardware Accelerated Chinese Ink Mesh Painting

6 March 2012 CHENG Peng (SCE & IMI) Slides

Variational Image Segmentation with Spectral Attributes

14 Feb 2012 ZHU Hongyuan (SCE & IMI) Slides

Perception Based Image Rendering

14 Feb 2012 DONG Lu (SCE & IMI) Slides

Technologies for Interactive Digital Contents

14 Feb 2012 Prof KIM HyungSeok, Konkuk University Korea Slides

Model-based Hand Tracking with the Kinect Sensor

22 Nov 2011 LIANG Hui (EEE & IMI) Slides

3D Clothing: Garment Prepositioning & Human Body Adaptation

22 Nov 2011 ZHANG Yuzhe (SCE & IMI) Slides

Cyber-learning in Cyberspace-Visual Immersive Mathematics

22 Nov 2011 LAI Danbo (SCE & IMI) Slides

Adolescent's Information Disclosure on Facebook: Structural Equation Model of the Determinants

18 Oct 2011 LIU Cong (HSS & IMI) Slides

Expanding Trusted Neighborhood for Effective Recommendation in Virtual Reality Environments

18 Oct 2011 GUO Guibing (SCE & IMI) Slides

Example-based Dynamic Modeling

18 Oct 2011 ZHANG Wenjing (SCE & IMI) Slides

Handling Subjective User Feedback for Reputation Computation in Virtual Reality

16 Aug 2011 FANG Hui (SCE & IMI) Slides

Fractal Dimension Based Concentration Level Recognition

16 Aug 2011 WANG Qiang (EEE & IMI) Slides

Markerless Motion Capture of Human Based on Monocular Camera

16 Aug 2011 BIAN Zhenpeng (EEE & IMI) Slides

Passive Approaches for Digital Image Forgery Detection

6 May 2011 Pravin KAKAR (SCE & IMI) Slides

Cyber Learning in Cyberworlds : Visual Immersive Haptic Mathematics

6 May 2011 LAI Danbo (SCE & IMI) Slides

Aesthetic Enhancement of Landscape Photographs based on Depth

6 May 2011 ZHANG Xiaoyan (EEE & IMI) Slides

Selective Rendering with Graphically Salient Region Detection

29 March 2011 DONG Lu (SCE & IMI) Slides

Semi-Supervised Biased Maximum Margin Analysis for Support Vector Machine RF in Interactive Image Retrieval

29 March 2011 ZHANG Lining (EEE & IMI) Slides

Computer-Aided Evaluation of Prosody for Language Learning

29 March 2011 ZHAO Sixuan (EEE & IMI) Slides

Interactive Image Segmentation

22 Feb 2011 ZHU Hongyuan (SCE & IMI) Slides

CBAN: An Embedded Patient Monitoring Body Area Network

22 Feb 2011 Saurabh RASTOGI (SCE & IMI) Slides

Adolescents' Information Disclosure on facebook: Roles Played by Parents and Personality

22 Feb 2011 LIU Cong (HSS & IMI) Slides

Introduction to Painting on 3D Surface

25 Jan 2011 CHENG Peng (SCE & IMI) Slides

Fractal Dimension Based Neurofeedback Game

25 Jan 2011 WANG Qiang (EEE & IMI) Slides

Introduction to Painting on 3D Surface

25 Jan 2011 ZHANG Wenjing (SCE & IMI) Slides

Behavior Modeling for Effective Decision Making in Virtual Worlds

23 Nov 2010 FANG Hui (SCE & IMI) Slides

Automatic 3D Clothing: from 2D Pattern to Garment

23 Nov 2010 ZHANG Yuzhe (SCE & IMI) Slides

3D Reconstruction of Human Bodies with Clothes from Un-calibrated Monocular Video Images

9 Nov 2010 Qui C.T. TRAN (SCE & IMI) Slides

Research on Multimedia Community-based Question Answering

9 Nov 2010 YUAN Quan (SCE & IMI) Slides

Optimization on Computational-intensive Application via Heterogenous System

9 Nov 2010 LI Le (SCE & IMI) Slides

Study of Novice Driver Hazard Perception Training

26 Oct 2010 Dr WANG Yanbin (IMI) Slides

Perception-Based Selective Rendering

15 Jun 2010 DONG Lu (SCE & EEE) Slides

Cyber Learning in Cyberworlds

15 Jun 2010 LAI Danbo (SCE & NIE) Slides

Perception-Based Models for Intelligent Image Retrieval

15 Jun 2010 ZHANG Lining (EEE & SCE) Slides

Passive Approaches for Image Forgery Detection

20 Apr 2010 Pravin KAKAR (SCE & EEE) Slides

Adolescents' Information Disclosure on Facebook: Roles Played by Parental Mediation, Narcissism and Social Anxiety

20 Apr 2010 LIU Cong (HSS & SCI) Slides

Computer-Aided Evaluation of Pronunciation and Prosody for Language Learning

02 Mar 2010 ZHAO Xixuan (EEE & HSS) Slides

Development of Aesthetic Algorithms for Acuqired and Generated Digital Images

02 Mar 2010 ZHANG Xiaoyan (EEE & ADM) Slides

Identification of Sudden Cardiac Death Using Spectral Domain Analysis of Electrocardiogram

23 Feb 2010 Saurabh RASTOGI (SCE & ADM) Slides

Quantification of Brain Responses for Neurofeedback Games in 3D Virtual Environment

23 Feb 2010 WANG Qiang (EEE & MAE) Slides