Projects Available

Students can propose variants of project or new projects. Please contact Prof Nadia Thalmann, for more information on research projects from prospective advisors in the research areas outlined below.

Virtual Reality


  • 3D Tele-presence
  • 3D Immersion
  • Perception of virtual environment
  • Serious games and game special effects
  • Digital heritage, Virtual 3D museums
Social Robotics


  • Interactive and emotional social robots
  • Action recognition
  • Multi-party interaction
  • Object detection for social robots
  • Modelling of emotions, personality, intention, memory
  • Decision making processes
Virtual Humans Behaviour


  • Avatars and agents : a seamless transition
  • Intelligent virtual humans
  • Modelling of senses for Virtual Humans
  • Gesture coordination, Integration of gestures and speech
  • Autonomous virtual teachers and personal coaches
Medical Simulation and Education


  • Segmentation of Medical Data
  • 3D reconstruction from MRI
  • Multi-scale modelling and simulation of human articulation
  • Sensor-based medical coach
  • Modelling of soft tissues
  • Models of locomotion and grasping for disable people
Cognitive Vision


  • Computational modeling of visual attention
  • Context-aware visual search
  • Object recognition and image classification
  • Deep convolutional and recurrent neural networks
  • Unsupervised and semi-supervised learning