IGS PhD in Secure Community @ IMI 
By enrolling in the Interdisciplinary Graduate School and selecting the Institute for Media Innovation (IMI) as research institute, students have the great opportunity to prepare a PhD in Secure Community in the dynamic environment of IMI. Playing a crucial part in ensuring the future of New Media in Singapore, IMI aims to educate the next generation of scientists and technologists and encourage them to share and benefit from their knowledge of engineering, business, design, educational and behavioral research.
Group Student Photo
"IMI offers doctoral students vibrant multidisciplinary research capabilities. In particular, they will have an opportunity to work in the area of cutting-edge interactive 3D simulation with top equipment as Immersive Room and real-time motion capture in a multidisciplinary team. Through their personal work, seminars, courses, and interaction with research experts, PhD candidates are prepared for research positions in leading academic institutions as well as private and public organizations."