The Immersive Room at IMI

The immersive room allows the viewers to be completely immersed in the virtual world. It makes use of latest hardware and software including infrared emitters, high end projectors, stereoscopic active lightweight glasses, position trackers, and graphics workstations linked together in a local area network. Electromagnetic 6DOF tracking is implemented to monitor the viewers' position and orientation. The stereoscopic visualization is supported by an integrated audio sound system. Peripheral devices such as force feedback devices, and gesture gloves can also be integrated into the system.

The Motion Capture System

Using multiple optical cameras, this motion capture system provides a passive and real-time solution for full body optical marker tracking for studying of human movement and animation:

  • Creating realistic 3D animated movements
  • Human motion recognition, analysis and understanding
  • Biomechanics, sports and gait studies
  • Man-machine interactions
  • Intelligent gaming