3D Immersion 
Immersive Interaction

In this project, we develop first models of autonomy for virtual players in order to make them play in an autonomous way together without any human intervention. In a second phase of the project, we mix real and virtual players who should team up together to play a volleyball game. This research implies vision based techniques, real time analysis of who is doing what, being real and virtual, and how to cooperate together. We will then work on tele-presence with several real players playing on different devices such as Oculus Rift.

Virtual 3D Volleyball Game in 320 Degree Immersive Room
3D Immersion

IMI is carrying out research in developing interactions for various immersive applications such as new future buildings, simulation of traffic, virtual dolphins interaction, etc. IMI is also working together with local and international institutions and industry partners to visualize their applications and develop the research needed for them.

3D Immersive Applications