Seed Projects

Stereo Pictorial Spaces

The proposed art practice based research delves into innovative applications of 3D Stereoscopy technologies and their evocative possibilities as an immersive art digital media.

This proposal draws inspiration from the idea of pushing the limits of perceptibility, from the fascination of the surreal and abstract art, and from the aesthetics of high-definition, to explorations into inventive applications of 3D Stereoscopy as an art digital media expression. Formed as collaboration among faculty from the School of Art, Design and Media, and the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at NTU along with collaborators from local industry, new technology-based art media would to converge seemingly unrelated fields of art aesthetic and science. This would result in new ideas and initiatives in synthetic image technology innovations within academic research environment.

SGD$ 10,000
Stereo Pictorial Spaces
Principal Investigator
Asst Prof Ina Conradi Chavez
School of Art, Design and Media

Co-Principal Investigator
Assoc Prof Dr. Xiao Wei Sun
Division of Microelectronics,
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering