IGS PhD in Secure Community @ IMI


PhD Topics

Students can propose variants of project or new projects. Please contact Prof Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, nadiathalmann@ntu.edu.sg for more information on research projects from prospective advisors in the research areas outlined below.

Virtual Reality

  • 3D Tele-presence
  • Perception of virtual environment
  • Virtual sports training
  • Virtual physical rehabilitation, Treatment of phobia
  • Serious games and game special effects
  • Digital heritage, Virtual 3D museums/theatre/cinema


Crowd Simulation

  • Social interaction in crowd simulation
  • Treatment of agoraphobia through Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality in crowds
  • Cultural crowds
  • Immersion in crowds
  • Path planning and collision avoidance


3D Fashion & Virtual Beauty Concepts

  • Virtual-try-on
  • 3D hairstyling
  • Virtual body shaping
  • Virtual aesthetical surgery


Medical Simulation and Education

  • Segmentation of Medical Data
  • 3D reconstruction from MRI
  • Multi-scale modelling and simulation of human articulation
  • Sensor-based medical coach
  • Modelling of soft tissues
  • Models of locomotion and grasping for disable people


Virtual Humans Behaviour

  • Avatars and agents : a seamless transition
  • Intelligent virtual humans
  • Modelling of senses for Virtual Humans
  • Gesture coordination, Integration of gestures and speech
  • Autonomous virtual teachers and personal coaches
  • Virtual Presenter (e.g. of PowerPoint presentations)


Social Robotics

  • Interactive and emotional social robots
  • Action recognition
  • Modelling of emotions, personality, intention, memory
  • Decision making processes