Past Projects


3D Simulation

Intelligent and Interactive Simulation for Industrial Heavy Lifting

Cranes are multi-million dollars heavy equipment widely used in oil & petroleum, construction and shipyard industries for lifting and rigging operations. Lifting and rigging operations involve in both cost and safety matters. Currently, lifting and rigging with cranes are typically operated via trial and errors which is very much experience based. Proper planning of the lifting and rigging operations especially for large lifting loads, with huge cranes and within complex operation sites (plants) not only can significantly reduce the working expense but also can potentially avoid accidents (both the crane and operational site).

This project aims to develop a simulation-enabled solution to interactively optimize the crane lifting and rigging operation in virtual plant environments. Virtual Reality (VR) technology will be developed to model the cranes and virtual plant environment in 3D, as well to simulate the crane dynamic movement in the virtual 3D environment. Efforts will be made on optimization focusing on 3D obstacle avoidance. IMI and PEC have entered a Research Collaborative Agreement for this project (Phase 1 and Phase 2).

Funding Support: PEC Pte Ltd
Grant: SGD$ 320,000
Period of Funding: January 2013 - December 2015

Principal Investigators

Assoc. Prof. Yiyu Cai
School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Assoc Prof Jianmin Zheng
School of Computer Engineering