Delegates from conference on cinematic experience visited IMI on 1 November 2013

Teachers and students from St. Paul University Manila visited IMI on 23 October 2013

Delegates from VRST 2013 conference visited IMI on 6 October 2013

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Mr Tommi Grönlund and delegates visited IMI on 1 October 2013

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Professor Du Zide, Secretary General of China Computer Federation and Secretary General of CIC at World Federation of Engineering Organization visited IMI on 11 September 2013

Prof Stefan Wuertz from University of California, Davis visited IMI on 28 August 2013

Delegates from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology visited IMI on 13 August 2013

Delegates from Hainan University, China visited IMI on 12 August 2013

Delegates from A*STAR Exploit Technologies, Singapore visited BTC and IMI on 25 July 2013

Prof Peter Lennie (Provost and Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Sciences & Engineering), Prof Robert Clark (Senior Vice President for Research and Dean of School of Engineering and Applied Sciences), and Prof Thomas DiPiero (Dean for Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies) from University of Rochester, USA visited IMI on 17 June 2013

Delegates from global offices of Temasek Holdings visited IMI on 21 May 2013

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25 students from School of Technology and E-Learning, MDIS (Singapore), visited IMI on 15 May 2013

Delegates from Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore visited IMI on 8 May 2013

Delegates from University of Leeds, UK visited IMI on 8 May 2013

64 delegates from Nankai University, China visited IMI on 2 May 2013

Final Year Medical students from Imperial College London under Elective Programme Orientation visited IMI on 17 April 2013

Ms. Oxana Plis from NVIDIA and Mr. Chris Tan from HP visited IMI on 9 April 2013

NTU engineering students learn 3D Visualization and Virtual Reality in IMI Immersive Room

Dr Lykke Friis and Dr Esben Lunde Larsen, members of the Danish Parliament, accompanied by Prof Er Meng Hwa, NTU Vice President (International Affairs) visited IMI on 26 March 2013

Dr. Chris Williams, Associate Dean of Computer Animation, National Centre for Computer Animation, The Media School, Bournemouth University visited IMI on 26 March 2013

Delegates from "Discover NTU 2013" visited IMI on 18 March 2013

Prof Martial Hebert from the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University visited IMI on 13 March 2013

Prof Martin Reiser and students from School of ADM, NTU visited IMI on 11 March 2013

Ms Anne-Catherine LYON, State Councillor and Head of Department of Education and Youth Development, Canton of Vaud, Switzerland, and delegation visited IMI on 25 February 2013

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Professor and dean Dongman Lee and delegates from KAIST visited IMI on 13 February 2013

Mr Lim Chin Siang, Director of IDMPO from MDA, together with other delegates from MDA visited the BeingThere Centre and demos at IMI on 6 February 2013

Students from Beijing Technology University visited IMI on 1 February 2013

The finalists for Nanyang Assistant Professorship Scheme visited IMI on 28 January 2013

Participants from Global Young Scientists Summit Singapore 2013 visited IMI on 24 January 2013

Journalists from Nature, The Economist and Le Monde visited IMI on 22 January 2013