Prof Helga Nowotny from Austria and former President of the European Research Council, also Visiting Prof of School of Social Sciences NTU, visited IMI on 23 November 2017


Delegates from Alibaba's UED (User Experience Development) team visited IMI on 22 November 2017


Delegates from Harvard Club Alumni visited IMI on 21 November 2017


Delegates from Nova visited IMI on 21 November 2017


Delegates from Credit Suisse visited IMI on 20 November 2017


Delegates from Credit Suisse visited IMI on 14 November 2017


Prof Chua from NUS visited IMI on 10 November 2017


STERN Journalist visited IMI on 25 October 2017


Dr Sinuhe from Taiger visited IMI on 12 October 2017


Chief Innovation Officer, Arvind Sethumadhavan from APAC visited Nadine at ArtScience Museum on 05 October 2017


Video shoot by Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) featuring Nadine Social Robot, 05 October 2017


Delegates from EDBI visited IMI on 24 August 2017


Video shoot by CNBC featuring Prof Nadia Magnenat Thalmann and Nadine Social Robot, 18 August 2017


Delegates from Lee Foundation visited Nadine Social Robot at ArtScience Museum on 03 August 2017


Delegates from Goshen Consultancy Services visited IMI on 11 May 2017


Mr and Mrs Erez Issacharoff, President from Tiltan School of Design and Visual Communication, Haifa visited IMI on 11 May 2017


Delegates from Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) visited IMI on 09 May 2017


Delegates from China Study Abroad Foundation visited IMI on 05 May 2017


Video shoot by Swiss National TV featuring Prof Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, 04 May 2017


Delegates from Lombard Odier (Singapore) Ltd visited IMI on 04 May 2017


Delegates from Imperial College London visited IMI on 27 April 2017


Delegates from GoShen Team visited IMI on 13 April 2017


Video shoot by Channel News Asia for TV Show, Talking Point with moderator, Mr Steven Chia on 22 March 2017


Delegates from Singapore Treasureway Group and Shanghai Lianming Investment Group Co., Ltd visited IMI on 22 March 2017


Video shoot by OGEM featuring Prof Nadia Thalmann in OGEM’s GEM Trailblazer, 17 March 2017


Students from SMU visited IMI on 17 March 2017


Delegates from MOE visited IMI on 22 February 2017


Delegates from TANHAS Group visited IMI on 21 February 2017


Dr Kotabe visited IMI on 09 February 2017


Delegates from BCA’s visited IMI on 07 February 2017


Prof Bernd SCHMITT visited IMI on 18 January 2017